Phil Cohen is a songwriter, author, and union organizer in the Carolinas. His material is written from life on the road and ranges from haunting love ballads to gritty labor tunes. Patricia Ford is a critically acclaimed vocalist with a unique gift for harmonies.

Phil & Patricia have released four albums since 1997, and developed a loyal radio audience throughout the US, Europe and Australia. They've been featured on Voice of America and Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour.

Their new CD, Threads of Gold is an eclectic mix of Acoustic Country, Blues, and Folk. This collection of poetic, lyrical songs with a working class edge is brought to life by some of North Carolina's finest studio musicians.

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              Angels & Heartaches


Lyrics to Labor Songs
Angel Of Freedom
Hard Miles

War in the American Workplace

A Warrior's Dream

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Phil Cohen folk music
Phil Cohen left home at the age of sixteen in New York City. After driving bootleg taxis, managing a skid row hotel and traveling around the world, he ended up in North Carolina and found work as a city bus driver. While conventional wisdom deemed it impossible, he succeeded in building a solid union local of transit workers.

Since 1988, Phil has been a lead organizer and troubleshooter for Workers United* (A major industrial and service trade union). He has directed some of the most intense labor campaigns in recent history and crossed swords with the South's most notorious union busters.

"My music is about life, love and working people," says Phil Cohen. "In essence, I am an artist, romantic and adventurer who got caught up in a fight."


Emotionally powerful stories of real people - they will move you to tears and make your heart soar. - Barry Healy - Green Left Weekly, Australia

"Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford's words seem to cut right to the heart and soul of the working class. They put our worries and fears to music." - Dan Alloway - KTEP, El Paso, TX

A romantic realism which is down-to-earth and very close to the real world. Breathe the harmonies.......let the music fly through your ears with their magic. - Rafel Corbi - European Country Music Association

I love the music of Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford - but more important, my listeners want to hear what they have to say. - Jim Compton-Schmidt - KFRF, Fresno, CA

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(*Formerly ACTWU and then UNITE)

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